Until the start of the fair:

Until the start of the fair:

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Poland Coatings Expo Statistics  2023



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Summary of Poland Coatings Expo 2023


Visitor profile

Visitors of the Poland Coatings Expo fair will include invited by us and the Exhibitors:

  • representatives and owners of companies in the engineering industry
  • representatives and owners of companies in the automotive industry
  • companies that manufacture products from plastics and composites
  • representatives of chemical industry companies
  • administrative managers and heads of maintenance of industrial plants
  • designers
  • painters
  • employees of plating and surface protection companies
  • building managers
  • architects and designers of office and high-volume buildings
  • construction engineers
  • representatives of wholesalers of construction chemicals
  • representatives of building warehouses

Exhibitor profile

Exhibitors at Poland Coatings Expo will include companies from the following sectors:

  • manufacturers of industrial paints and varnishes
  • manufacturers of equipment for painting, enameling
  • manufacturers of equipment for applying protective coatings
  • manufacturers of components, pigments and additives for paints
  • manufacturers of protective coatings
  • companies providing electroplating services
  • companies providing services in the field of
  • manufacturers of tools and equipment used in the preparation and processing of metal surfaces for painting
  • manufacturers of health and safety accessories
  • manufacturers and distributors of automated paint lines
  • manufacturers of anti-corrosion insulation
  • companies that recycle paints, varnishes and protective coatings


Industry scope

The following sectors and industries will be represented at Poland Coatings Expo:

  • varnishing and coating technologies
  • chemicals and coating materials
  • varnishing tools, equipment and machinery
  • lacquering, enameling and plastic coating equipment
  • surface protection and anti-corrosion technologies
  • technologies and equipment for applying protective coatings
  • equipment and technologies for cleaning and preparing surfaces before painting
  • specialized chemicals for surface preparation
  • automation of varnishing processes
  • equipment for chemical and thermal surface treatment
  • laser and plasma technologies for surface coating
  • equipment for thermal spraying
  • measuring, inspection and testing equipment for varnishing industry
  • anti-corrosion insulation – materials, products, services
  • varnishing and coating services
  • recycling and disposal of varnish waste
  • measurement and quality control systems
  • services, research and industry institutions


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About the organizer

Ptak Warsaw Expo is first and foremost a guarantee of experience. For nearly a decade now, we have been organizing more than 70 events a year on 143,000 sqm of exhibition space of 6 modern halls and 500,000 sqm of outdoor space. This positions us as a leader in the trade fair industry with the most innovative organizational facilities.
However, that's not all. The experience we have gained and the high quality of the events we arrange have translated into building a strong network of business contacts. This guarantees the participants of individual events access to modern solutions - both those known on the Polish market and those conquering the industry on the international field. This makes Ptak Warsaw Expo events open visitors to new business opportunities. Proof of the trust gained is the record numbers - 1,000,000 visitors and 10,000 exhibitors.
However, the greatest strength of Ptak Warsaw Expo is our team. It is an experienced group of passionate people who aim to meet the expectations of visitors and exhibitors. Flexible approach, ability to find answers to changing circumstances and openness to the needs of event participants - these qualities make our events appreciated for their professional service.
All these factors contribute to the fact that Ptak Warsaw Expo has become the European capital of trade fairs, organizing unforgettable industry and commercial events. We encourage you to contact us today to find out how specifically we can help you achieve your goals and make your company open to new business opportunities.